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What is NAICS – North American Industry Classification System

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NAICS or The North American Industry Classification System is used for the classification of organizations by the type of their economic activity. It is used by governments and organizations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, but is also common in many other countries.

NAICS codes include five or six digits at the most detailed industry level. The first two digits indicate the broad business sector, the third digit indicates a subsector, the fourth digit indicates the industry group, the fifth digit indicates the NAICS industries, and the sixth digit shows the country-specific industries.

  • Sector: 2-digit code
    • Subsector: 3-digit code
      • Industry Group: 4-digit code
        • NAICS Industry: 5-digit code
          • National Industry: 6-digit code

Three sectors are represented by a range of 2-digit codes instead of 1-digit code. These sectors are Manufacturing (31-33), Retail Trade (44-45), and Transportation and Warehousing (48-49).

Example of NAICS code breakdown

Level NAICS Code Title
Sector 42 Wholesale Trade
Subsector 421 Wholesale Trade, Durable Goods
Industry Group 4211 Motor Vehicle and Motor Vehicle Parts and Supplies Wholesalers
NAICS Industry 42111 Automobile and Other Motor Vehicle Wholesalers
National Industry 441112 Used Automobile and Other Motor Vehicle Wholesalers

Below is a list of NAICS sector codes. Subsector and industry codes will be added in the future.

NAICS Sector Codes

Code Industry Title
11 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
21 Mining
22 Utilities
23 Construction
31-33 Manufacturing
42 Wholesale Trade
44-45 Retail Trade
48-49 Transportation and Warehousing
51 Information
52 Finance and Insurance
53 Real Estate Rental and Leasing
54 Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
55 Management of Companies and Enterprises
56 Administrative and Support and Waste Management and Remediation Services
61 Educational Services
62 Health Care and Social Assistance
71 Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation
72 Accommodation and Food Services
81 Other Services (except Public Administration)
92 Public Administration

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