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Baxton Studio

Company Type: ,
Year Founded: 2001
Ownership Type: Subsidiary
Wholesale Interiors
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Wholesale Interiors

Type: Dropshippers, Manufacturers, Wholesalers and distributors

Country: United States

Country Headquartered: United States

Products: Furniture

Related Brands: Baxton Studio
Baxton Studio - Logo

Baxton Studio is a manufacturer of budget furniture based in the United States. It is a division of Wholesale Interiors.

Baxton Studio

2805 Duke Pkwy,
Aurora, Illinois 60502,
United States

Toll-Free Phone: +1 800-517-0717
Email: sales@baxtonstudio.com
Website: http://www.baxtonstudio.com/



1915 N Harlem Ave,
Chicago, Illinois 60707,
United States

Baxton Studio Outlet-Lombard

222 W Roosevelt Road,
Lombard, IL 60148,
United States

Baxton Studio Outlet-Bensenville

971 Supreme Drive,
Bensenville, Illinois 60106,
United States