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Company Type:
Year Founded: 1860
Ownership Type: Private
Registrartion Number: CH-660.0.017.964-1
VAT Number: CHE-101.762.030 TVA
Country: Switzerland

Products: Jewelry, Watches, Bags and Accessories, Fragrances, Eyewear, Handbags, Purses & Wallets

Related Brands: Chopard
Chopard - Logo

Chopard, or Le Petit-fils de L.U. Chopard & Cie S.A., is a manufacturer of luxury jewelry, watches, and accessories, headquartered in Switzerland.

Le Petit-fils de L.U. Chopard & Cie S.A.

Rue de Veyrot, 8 C.P.85
1217 Meyrin 1

Phone: +41 (0)22 719 31 31
Fax: +41 (0)22 719 31 35
Email: info@chopard.ch
Website: https://www.chopard.com/

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