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Company Type: ,
Year Founded: 1939
Number of Employees: 58000
Ownership Type: Public
Traded as: NYSE: HPQ
ISIN: US40434L1052
Country Headquartered: United States

Products: Computers and peripherals, Laptops, Tablet Computers, Print, Copy, Scan & Fax Machines and Accessories

Related Brands: HP
HP - Logo

HP is a multinational manufacturer of computers and peripherals headquartered in Palo Alto, United States. It is the successor of Hewlett-Packard Company, which span into HP and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. HP has retained the personal computer and printer businesses and was renamed HP Inc.

HP Inc.

1501 Page Mill Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304
United States

Phone: + 1 650-857-1501
Website: https://www.hp.com/

Contacts for Wholesale Inquiries

Website for Wholesale inquiries: https://www.hp.com/id-en/shop/business-bulk-buy-of...

For Business inquiries

Website for Business inquiries: https://www.hp.com/us-en/solutions/hp-amplify-part...

For New accounts

Website for New accounts: https://partner.hp.com/web/upp-ww/hp-partner-appli...

For Reselling inquiries

Website for Reselling inquiries: https://partner.hp.com/login...

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Houston, TEX

10300 Energy Drive
Spring, TX 77389
United States

Phone: +1 650-857-1501