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JFC International

Company Type:
Year Founded: 1928
Ownership Type: Subsidiary
JFC Japan
JFC Japan - Logo

JFC Japan

Type: Wholesalers and distributors

Country: Japan

Country: United States

Products: Food and Grocery, Snack Foods, Condiments & Sauces, Confectionery

Related Brands: Calbee, Glico, Koikeya, Lotte, Meiji, Nagaraya, Sun Tropics
JFC - Logo

JFC International is a major wholesale distributor of Japanese and Asian food products in America and Europe. It was founded in 1928.

JFC International, Inc.

5015 East 8th St., Suite B
Tacoma, WA 98424,
United States

Phone: +1 253-922-8889
Fax: +1 253-922-8228
Website: https://jfc.com/

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