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Johnson & Johnson

Company Type: ,
Year Founded: 1886
Number of Employees: 130000
Ownership Type: Public
Traded as: NYSE: JNJ
ISIN: US4781601046
Country: United States

Products: Health & Beauty, Pharmaceuticals, Health technology

Related Brands: Johnson's
Johnson & Johnson - Logo

Johnson & Johnson is a multinational manufacturer of health and beauty, personal hygiene, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and consumer products, headquartered in the United States. It was founded in 1886 by brothers Robert Wood Johnson, James Wood Johnson, and Edward Mead Johnson.

Johnson & Johnson

One Johnson & Johnson Plaza
New Brunswick,
New Jersey 08933,
United States

Phone: +1 (732) 524-0400
Website: https://www.jnj.com/

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Website for Suppliers: https://www.jnj.com/suppliers/supplier-resources...

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Key People

  • Joaquin Duato
    Joaquin Duato, CEO