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Company Type:
Year Founded: 1832
Ownership Type: Subsidiary
The Swatch Group
The Swatch Group - Logo

The Swatch Group

Type: Manufacturers, Multinational

Country: Switzerland

Country Headquartered: Switzerland

Products: Watches

Related Brands: Longines
Longines - Logo

Longines is a manufacturer of watches headquartered in Switzerland.

Longines Watch Co. Francillon S.A.

Rue des Noyettes 8,
Saint-Imier, Berne 2610,

Phone: +41 32 942 54 25
Website: https://www.longines.com/

Profiles and Links:


Longines US

703 Waterford Way. Ste 450
Miami, FL 33126,
United States

Phone: +1-800-897-9477
Email: onlinestore.us@longines.com