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Omar Kassem Alesayi Holding Group

Company Type: ,
Year Founded: 1945
Number of Employees: 27000
Ownership Type: Private
Country: Saudi Arabia

Products: Electronics and Computers, Professional and Commercial Equipment and Supplies, Clothing and Apparel, Fashion industry products
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Omar Kassem Alesayi Holding Group is a major wholesale distributor and retailer based in Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 1945 by Omar Kassem Alesayi.

Omar Kassem Alesayi Holding Group (OKAG)

Jeddah, Al Madinah Road, Alesayi Plaza,
P.O. Box 3035,
Jeddah 21471
Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 12 644 8282
Fax: +966 12 644 8281
Email: info@alesayi.com
Website: https://alesayi.com/