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Wholesale Trading Supplies

Company Type:
Year Founded: 2002
Ownership Type: Private
Country: United Kingdom

Products: Fragrances, Children, Baby, and Toys, Pharmaceuticals, Skin and Hair Care, Household Cleaning Products

Related Brands: Always, Cif, Colgate, Dove, Gillette, Johnson's, Oral-B, Pampers, Tampax
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Wholesale Trading Supplies is a wholesaler of branded toiletries and household products, based in the United Kingdom.

Wholesale Trading Supplies Ltd

Unit 3 Eclipse Industrial Centre,
20 Sandown Road, Watford WD24 7AE,
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 01923 22 88 99
Fax: +44 01923 22 80 60
Email: jonathan@wholesaletradingsupplies.com
Website: https://wholesaletradingsupplies.com/

Contacts for Wholesale Inquiries

Phone for Wholesale inquiries: +44 01923 228899

Key People