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ADN Distribution

Company Type:
Year Founded: 1994
Ownership Type: Private
Registrartion Number: HRB 5125
VAT Number: DE 811 733 381
Country: Germany

Products: Computers and peripherals

Related Brands: Dell, LG, Microsoft
ADN - Logo

ADN Distribution is a distributor of computers and peripherals based in Germany. The company was founded in 1994.

Advanced Digital Network Distribution Gmbh

Josef-Haumann-Str. 10,
44866 Bochum,

Phone: +49 2327 9912-0
Fax: +49 2327 9912-540
Email: info@adn.de
Website: https://www.adn.de/

Contacts for Business Inquiries

For Wholesale inquiries

Phone for Wholesale inquiries: +49 2327 9912 449
Email for Wholesale inquiries: customerservice@adn.de
Website for Wholesale inquiries: https://www.adn.de/de/partner-werden...

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Key People

  • Hermann Ramacher
    Hermann Ramacher, Managing Director
    LinkedIn Profile
  • Peter Laufmöller
    Peter Laufmöller, CFO