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Company Type: ,
Year Founded: 1976
Number of Employees: 13000
Ownership Type: Public
Traded as: LSE: DCC
ISIN: IE0002424939
Country: Ireland

Products: Energy sector related products, Health technology, Electronics and Computers, Video Games, Consoles, and Accessories

Related Brands: Acer, Electronic Arts, IBM, Logitech, Microsoft, Netgear, Nintendo, PlayStation, Samsung, Sony, Take-Two Interactive, Xbox
DCC - Logo

DCC pls is an international sales, marketing, and support services company based in Ireland. It owns subsidiaries, which are distributors of technology, healthcare products, and energy. DCC was founded in 1976 by Jim Flavin as Development Capital Corporation Limited.

DCC plc

DCC House
Leopardstown Road Foxrock
Dublin D18 PK00,

Phone: +353 1 2799 400
Email: info@dcc.ie
Website: https://www.dcc.ie/

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Key People

  • Donal Murphy
    Donal Murphy, CEO
  • Kevin Lucey
    Kevin Lucey, CFO
  • Tim Griffin
    Tim Griffin, Managing Director, DCC Technology