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Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Company Type: ,
Year Founded: 2015
Ownership Type: Public
Traded as: NYSE: HPE
ISIN: US42824C1099
Country: United States

Products: Networking, Computers and peripherals
Hewlett Packard Enterprise - Logo

Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a multinational manufacturer of business-oriented computer systems and networks, based in the United States. It was founded in 2015, splitting from Hewlett Packard Company. The rest of Hewlett Packard was renamed to HP Inc.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

1701 E Mossy Oaks Rd
Spring, TX 77389,

Phone: +1-888-342-2156
Website: https://www.hpe.com/

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Website for Business inquiries: https://buy.hpe.com/us/en...

Website for Wholesale inquiries: https://www.hpe.com/us/en/buy-parts-products.html...