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Sunstrike International

Company Type:
Ownership Type: Private
Country Headquartered: Hong Kong

Products: Phones and Accessories, Video Games, Consoles, and Accessories, Mobile phones

Related Brands: Apple, Samsung
Sunstrike International - Logo

Sunstrike International Limited

Unit C, 7th Floor,23 ManLok Street
Gemstar Tower Hung Hom
Hong Kong

Phone: +852 23684526
Email: info@sunstrike.com
Website: http://www.sunstrike.com/

Contacts for Wholesale Inquiries

For New accounts

Website for New accounts: http://www.sunstrike.com/open-trade-account/...

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Electrade 247 Limited

Building 2, Dwight Road
Watford Metro Centre
Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 9SS
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 208 732 2776

Sunstrike International Limited FZE

Dubai Airport Free Zone
Post Box 372032

Phone: +971 4 294 9077

Sunstrike International USA Inc

2948 NW 72nd Ave
Miami Florida 33122
United States

Phone: +1 305 436 2228

Key People

  • Paramjot Singh (PJ), Founder/Chairman
    Email: pj@sunstrike.com
  • Nirmaljot Singh (Bobby), Founder/Group Chief Executive Officer
    Email: bobby@sunstrike.com
  • Parm Dhillon, Managing Director EMEA
    Email: parm@sunstrike.com
  • Andy Zeinfeld, CEO at Sunstrike International Limited
    Email: az@sunstrike.com
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  • Ashutosh Bhatla, General Manager
    LinkedIn Profile
  • J.P.Singh Masaun, Managing Director Sunstrike International USA Inc.
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