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Vesto Italiano

Company Type: ,
Year Founded: 2010
Ownership Type: Private
Registrartion Number: 327669
VAT Number: 04050650409
Country: Italy

Products: Clothing and Apparel, Knitwear, Outerwear, Bags and Accessories, Handbags, Purses & Wallets, Shoes

Related Brands: 19v69 Italia, 525, Absolut Joy, Masq
Vesto Italiano - Logo

Vesto Italiano is a wholesaler of clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories, based in Italy.

Vesto Italiano S.R.L. Unipersonale

Unipersonale Via Balitrona 18/G
47042 Cesenatico (FC),

Phone: +390547310406
Email: info@vestoitaliano.com
Website: https://www.vestoitaliano.com/

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